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IMA Uluberia

Who We Are

IMA Uluberia Branch is a voluntary, official and unified platform of doctors in and around Uluberia, which is committed towards providing the highest level of updated health care and services to the community, organizing public awareness programs as well as voicing and sharing the hardship and obstacles faced by the doctors towards delivering their professional responsibilities and also well-being of its members as a whole

Our History


As Uluberia Medical Association is a direct subsidiary branch of IMA, let us recollect the history of formation of IMA. The founding fathers, way back in 1928, while struggling for liberation of the Motherland from British rule, simultaneously felt the need of a national organization of the medical professionals and IMA was founded at Calcutta. Subsequently, the IMA Uluberia branch was founded as a local branch after independence, around 1955 with basic functioning and limited number of members. Gradually, it gained pace and matured to its present state.

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IMA Uluberia
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